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Borj el-Hajoui An International Center for Traditional Music and Arts

Posted by webmaster on June 11, 2013

Call to action for all those working to save the identity of the new Tangier which all aspire and all Moroccans under the leadership and the leadership of his Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God Almighty The preserves.

Why this appeal for "International Centre of traditional music and the arts"?

First I want to clarify that there is no my intention to enter into any controversy. I make this appeal to common sense because I feel responsible for the "becoming" of the project "International Center for Traditional Music and the Arts," in which I invested since its inception. I make this appeal because I consider it my duty to Tangier and Morocco, who loves his city and his country to react to defend with all means at his disposal, a project that takes him far to heart. A small project, the mind and the foundation are very important to the enormity of what is being built around us, in Tangier in its region and in the rest of Morocco, with all its diversity, from Tangier to Lagouira .

Indeed, I consider this project as an important part of the rehabilitation of the Medina of Tangier. In particular the actions of a network of associations, which include Al Boughaz, trying to save what remains of the heritage of "Tangier, the unique" small town idle, sung by Paluel Marmont. A city that was a convivial and tolerance that turns every day into a hub of international trade and traffic metropolis of the 21st century. But that will Tangier, the Metropolis, if Tangier lost its soul. What product "Tangier" go sell our developers and our developers worldwide. Words, books, movies and whatnot!

FTAM Seminar 2013

Posted by webmaster on June 09, 2013

Date and Time:
Aug 25, 2013 (Mon) 10:00am-11:45am 

Ambassador Room, The Embassy Row Hotel
2015 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington D.C. 20036

With the prolonged world-wide recessions, efforts for reducing GHG emissions have slowed down even in developed countries. Concerns seem to have shifted to how we adjust our lives to the world with the influence of climate change. This seminar is orginized to understand and discuss the current conditions and policy options in the global context and the implications for the U.S. and Japan. The conflicts between energy security, and food and nutricion policies are reviewed. Research outputs on climate change issues are also presented. The implications are also disscussed for the U.S. and Canada, and Japan and Asia. 


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